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It's never too late to share a great travel experience especially when you're with a group of friends (sana lang nakasama ang buong NUKZ para mas doble and saya). We actually waited for 6-months for this (having booked early February) and everything we experienced was worth the long wait

Day 1 Welcome to the City of Friendship…

Day 2 and 3 - Celebrating the Feast of San Roque in Cantaongon. Bloated for two days

 Day 4 - Our first destination for today’s tour was in the city of Loon at the Macaques Mangrove Monkey sanctuary.

Our next stop was the Sagbayan Peak a mountain resort and recreation center. Down a flight of stairs and slowly going up a small hill, you will arrive at a massive viewing deck that gives a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape including the Chocolate Hills, the sea, and the Island of Cebu. The view here is spectacular and awesome.



A few steps down is the butterfly dome which houses about 18 species of these beautiful winged creatures. Flowering plants augment the inside of the dome with a very big man-made butterfly gracing the center.

We passed through the winding forest-y road of Bilar most commonly known as the Bohol Man-Made Forest, a man-made mahogany forest stretching in a two-kilometer stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. 

We were led to a town of Carmen home of the Bohol’s scenic yet so famous tourist spot – the Chocolate Hills. At a distance it was already a spectacular view which looked like little sweet Hershey kisses which fell from the skies. And as you go towards it – you will be more amazed.

 We stayed for over an hour at the Chocolate Hills before heading to our next destination.

 The floating restaurant where sumptuous lunch was served while cruising the scenic Loboc river with a singing band on board also.... Truly romantic!
The last leg of the Loboc river cruise was the soulful serenade and dance show by the Loboc river choir.... 

Tarsier Sanctuary. One is free to enter but is advised to avoid taking pictures with flashes and to refrain from making too much noise for they stressed the little animals.

Hanging out at the hanining bridge Found in the town of Sevilla, province of Bohol. I heard it’s called Sipatan Hanging Bridge because it’s found in Sipatan River.

At this point, the whole countryside tour had gotten tiring as much as it was exciting.

Day 5 - 6am, we headed out to the beach. We knew we were out to see the dolphins first, but for the whole 30-or-so-minute ride, there was nothing to break the hypnotic dance of the waves. 

As I began to think that maybe it was a bad day for dolphin sightings, we caught up with at least a dozen boats parked in a relatively small area. Surely enough and without having to wait much longer, dolphins were showing up left and right. This was easily one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life. We did see them flipping and jumping out there but sadly, didn’t manage any pictures of those.

As much as I enjoyed watching them, it was soon time to head off to Balicasag Island!

 After the tour, we stay in Dumaluan Resort in the beautiful island of Panglao where we spent the rest of day enjoing sun and the sands.

 Day 6 – Back to Cantaongon

Day 7 - CEBU


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